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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:
I want to sincerely thank the carolers who came to my home on December 22. You brought a lot of joy to me during a lonely time of year.

I am sorry that Max caused such a commotion after you sang. It truly was an exciting night.

I also want to thank the Shelter Island Heights Pharmacy for remembering the true meaning of Christmas in your greeting in the Reporter. In these days of political correctness and not wanting to offend anyone you had the Nativity scene. Thank you.
Shelter Island

Cloud of misery
To the Editor:
This is my response to the one “pitiful” letter in the December 25 edition of the Reporter [see Your Letters, “One pitiful display”].

My display of the toilet at the Dory was a humorous one, which all but one person took it for. It saddens me to find Ms. Oakley so burdened by a lack-of-humor-bah humbug-disposition. Get a life, woman! This poor addle-minded soul perceives humor as an infringement on the rights of others.

Rather than provoking my ire with her pitiful epistle, she has my sincere sympathy for having to travel through such a humorless life. May the cloud of dark misery be lifted from your mundane life.

In the closing paragraph of Ms. Oakley’s sad diatribe, she suggests not patronizing the Dory. If you share such a sickening, slanted view of life then I suggest you don’t come to the Dory to enjoy great food and drink served in a humorous, congenial atmosphere.
Shelter Island

Deer debate
To the Editor:
The opposition of some local hunters to the deer cull [by Federal Department of Agriculture sharpshooters] was shortsighted, self-serving, and not in the interests of the welfare of the general community.

As residents of this area, this group of hunters (how many?) should have been supportive of any effort to reduce the deer overpopulation. Their real targets should have been to pressure local and state legislators to make the Suffolk bow hunting season earlier, from October 1 to September 1, allow deer baiting with corn or apples or salt licks, allow driving of deer, reduce the 10-acre bow hunting requirement on private lands to 5 acres per hunter, and so on.

With the retirement of Assemblyman Robert Sweeney as chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, new leadership may be receptive to these and other changes based on the extraordinary needs of Suffolk County.

As a 68-year-old person who never had a hunting license, I got my bow license because the deer eat everything in my yard, are a continual driving hazard (I almost hit one yesterday on Sound Avenue at 10:15 in the morning) and spread ticks all around.

Deer are a dangerous nuisance and their numbers need to be reduced. Too bad some local hunters wouldn’t act in the community’s best interests and work on more positive, longer lasting legislative strategies.
East Marion

Thanks, George
To the Editor
On behalf of the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, I am writing to publicly congratulate George Butts on his retirement.

George has served the Town of Shelter Island as its Dog Warden for the last 13 years with great distinction. Always caring and compassionate, he brought a new level of professionalism to the job.
He will be difficult to replace and greatly missed.
Executive Director,  Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons

To the Editor:
Your town is so fortunate to have such a caring and thoughtful police force.

They paid a Christmas visit to the Southold Independent Group Home, bringing gifts, food and friendship. The guys and gals loved having them and there was a good time had by all.