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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

COURTESY PHOTO Trash, and remnants of a fire, on Hay Beach.
COURTESY PHOTO Trash, and remnants of a fire, on Hay Beach.

Too much to ask?
To the Editor:
It saddens me when we go for a walk on Hay Beach to find piles of beer and soda cans, many blackened by fire, and empty bottles, some broken, near an often still- warm campfire.

I appreciate that people of all ages enjoy the camaraderie of friends around an open campfire on a beautiful evening at the beach. Most of us who grew up in the vicinity of a beach have fond memories of such experiences. It just puzzles us that there is a need to leave everything there.

I suspect that all the refreshments were brought in a bag of some sort. Wouldn’t it be natural to use it to remove the remnants?

Is this too much to ask?

Broken glass and cans that are crushed and blackened can’t even be salvaged for return. Then, when our dogs are sniffing around on a walk with its owners, we shouldn’t have to be concerned that they may step on some broken glass. There are even trash cans available everywhere. What else can be done to encourage their use?
Shelter Island

It takes an Island
To the Editor:
As you may have read in these pages, the Shelter Island Cricket Club (SICC) hosted another successful charity cricket match on the last Saturday in July, raising over $16,000 for the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation.

The event and fundraising would not have been possible without a large team of supporters to whom we are very grateful.

The game would not have been possible without the pitch, so we’ll start by thanking the Island Boatyard for donating and preparing it. The off-pitch activity occurred under the big tents donated by Shelter Island Party Rental and much of the fun and fundraising was thanks to the food and drink organized and provided by SALT.

We would also like to thank the Shelter Island Fire Department for lending their tents, the Shelter Island Highway Department for rolling the pitch and fencing off the parking lot and the Shelter Island EMS team for putting tents up and down, helping with the food on the day and getting our injured player to the hospital!

We would also like to thank the sponsors: Apple Bank, BC Partners, Binder Pools, Chaloners of The Hamptons, Co Collective, Florin Capital, Indus Capital, M. Wein Realty, Shelter Island Hardware, Star Magazine and Teneo Holdings.

Thanks also to the many families who donated and helped on the day, particularly the Yang Family who not only designed the merchandise but also manned the SICC “shop” for most of the day; also to Tim Fielding for the tunes, and Russell Smith for the microphone.

And last but not least, the spectators who came to watch, eat, drink and donate, and to the players who played valiantly and donated generously.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Saturday July 29, 2017 for the 6th Annual Shelter Island Cricket Club charity cricket match.

Shelter Island Cricket Club

Community Service
To the Editor:
During the past five weeks, Shelter Islanders have had an opportunity to receive a free skin cancer examination on Saturdays at the Senior Center. I was told that approximately 145 residents were examined.

Many were negative for cancer, though most of us had evidence of skin damage due to long-term sun exposure; some residents had pre-cancerous lesions. No one left without instructions about what skin abnormalities to monitor and information about the benefits and negative effects of the sun, and the use of sunscreens and mechanical screening such as hats, umbrellas and UV blocking clothing.

There were a few of our neighbors who had abnormal lesions. They were instructed to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. I hope they heed that advice.

I want to thank Dr. Sumayah Jamal for her skilled assessments and compassionate care. Many have reported it was the best dermatology examination they ever experienced.

Her husband, Gary Baddeley, was an excellent “meet and greeter,” who set a relaxed tone that reduced one’s anxiety. Not to be forgotten, thanks also to their children for relinquishing their parents on those Saturdays with the hope that family enjoys the remaining days of the summer together.

Island hair stylists were apprised of the screenings and of a program designed to create a melanoma awareness among their community (melanoma.org/MarkTheSpot). Stylists can play a very important role in catching suspicious moles or lesions during the routine styling process and recommending that the spot be checked out by a dermatologist.
Director of Senior Services,  Town of Shelter Island
Editor’s note: Dr. Jamal and Mr. Baddeley provided the screenings to fulfill 20 hours of community service required by the town after it was determined they had violated building codes. The couple also had to correct the infractions and pay a fine.

To the Editor:
Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) has been an early and enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump.

When Trump attacks a Muslim Gold Star family, Lee Zeldin has been silent. When Trump says that he doesn’t know if he will support all our NATO allies, Lee Zeldin has been silent. When Trump mocks a disabled reporter, Lee Zeldin has been silent.

When Trump says a judge born in Indiana is disqualified from a case because of his Mexican heritage, Lee Zeldin has been silent. But, while the world cheers political refugees at the Rio Olympics, Donald Trump and Lee Zeldin loudly call for them to be banned from entering the United States.

In November, if you are an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump, Lee Zeldin is your man. For the rest of us, his silence in the face of Trump’s hate speech has been deafening.