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Highway workers brace for nor’easter

Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr.
Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr.

With a nor’easter still on course to hit Shelter Island later today, preparations are already afoot to deal with potential problems.
In advance of the storm’s wrath, waters were already rocky this morning as North and South ferry boats made their runs.

“The worst will be tonight,” one North Ferry crew member predicted.

“The tides don’t worry me so much,” Highway Superintendent and Public Works Commissioner Jay Card Jr. said. “I’m worried about the rain.”

He wants drivers who have to be out on the roads to avoid deep puddles and said his crew will be ready with barricades if needed.

During the day, the crew will be checking to ensure generators are ready and that all equipment that might be needed is in good working order.

Since PSEG took over management of the Long Island Power Authority, a crew has been based on the Island to deal with possible outages any time a major storm was expected.

The Reporter is awaiting a response from PSEG about whether that will occur tonight.

In a recent release from the Weather Channel comes this advisory:

“The calling card for this system is the wind. It’s already a deep, inland low pressure system, so it’s got a lot of wind energy with it. The coasts will have the strongest wind, but also the interior will experience gusts of 30-40 mph. There will be isolated damages and power outages with this system.”

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