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Caci set to open in Tavern space on Memorial Day weekend


It’s all in the family — sort of. The owners of Shelter Island House and the owners of Caci North Fork grew up together as neighbors in Garden City and spent summers together on the East End, so it might be a natural evolution that the two businesses will now operate under one roof here.

Caci , a popular North Fork Italian restaurant, is opening its second venue at Shelter Island House on Memorial Day weekend, replacing The Tavern that operated at the site since the inception of the hotel run by sisters Suzanne Walsh and Janet Rogler.

Caci’s owners are Anthony and Daniele Cacioppo and Joseph and Kelly Cacioppo.

That the families shared so many traditions and experiences through the years made it a natural linking with the idea emerging during talks between family members who agreed it would be a winning combination.

“We have always loved visiting Shelter Island and the historic charm of this graciously restored inn really attracted us to the opportunity to have our second location here,” Anthony Cacioppo said. “After several discussions regarding both businesses, it became apparent that Caci taking over restaurant operations at Shelter Island House would be a winning collaboration and complement for both,” he said.

Success at luring Executive Chef Marco Pellegrini from Italy has resulted in  the ability to feature authentic Northern Italian cuisine married to locally sourced ingredients that change season to season proved popular with customers on the North Fork and the same foods will be served on Shelter Island. Anthony and Danielle Cacioppo found him while vacationing in Italy and enticed him to become a partner in their North Fork business.

“I am inspired by the agriculture and aquaculture the North Fork offers and believe that the access to these fresh ingredients provides me the opportunities to create an unforgettable dining experience,” Chef Marco said.

Construction to convert The Tavern to Caci Shelter Island is underway with contractors working fast and furiously to prepare for the Memorial Day weekend opening.

The restaurant will feature three intimate dining rooms, the covered patio area for warm weather and a bar.

The owners plan to operate the restaurant nine months of the year and offer special events in conjunction with the hotel during winter months.