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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor:
On Friday, Aug. 2, a delightful time was shared by all who attended the wine tasting sponsored by the Senior Citizen Foundation of Shelter Island.

Young adults, along with seniors, enjoyed the ambience at the Osprey Bar & Lounge at Shelter Island House led by Sue Walsh and her staff and the delicious food prepared by Chef Manny Fundora. Harmonically rich music played throughout the early evening, filling the space with the voices of the “Island Bells” Sara Mundy and Isabel Alvarez.

Amazing raffles, informative conversations about wine led by Tom Spotteck, head wine-maker of the Lenz Winery in Peconic, and the fabulous wines made the evening a most memorable event.

The Senior Services is grateful to all who supported this effort.
Laurie Fanelli
Director of Senior Services, Town of Shelter Island

To the Editor:
Regarding the short-term rental (STR) situation: According to last week’s coverage of the most recent Town Board meeting, apparently there was some contentious banter about registering STRs.

A councilman responded that, “We are not trying to start a war.” Well, you already have, three years ago. What a travesty! Please, taxpayers, tune into Channel 22 and watch for yourself.

I had attended the meeting the week before to ask some questions about this registering of STRs. I honestly do not know if they were answered or not, it was so terribly confusing. At this meeting, the zoning officer was giving his report and was asked about complaints. He had two.

One was from someone who thought the neighbors were doing STRS — he found no evidence. The neighbor “thought” there was a violation? Certainly you jest that this needed to be investigated.

And now if I am actually to believe it, there will be further investigations to see who has not registered and they will be hunted down and fined and have to go to court. If this is not the fact, someone please enlighten me.

And to the clients that I have advertised, please call me as soon as possible with your registration number so we can continue to advertise your rental property. We are making as many calls and sending emails as quickly as we are able. This is a unnecessary situation. I appreciate your cooperation.

I have to comment on the Eye on the Ball column a few weeks ago. Yup, Bob, “That was then, this is now, the past is not happening anymore.” However, if you were out and about for last week’s glorious events and the beautiful picture-perfect weather, it was like an old time Shelter Island summer weekend.

And this coming weekend is the best of the best and what we are all about. The Chicken Barbecue! There will be young and old, many generational families there. Perhaps the past is happening here on our island. Wishful thinking on my part.

I attended the closing performances of Perlman. The chorus closed Friday’s performance with “Amen.” Priceless. And so is the Shelter Island that was!
Georgiana Ketcham
Shelter Island

To the Editor:
Most of the dinghies known as Optimists are sailed by children, so it astounds me that power boats don’t slow down when they see one.

In West Neck Harbor today, my Opti was almost swamped by a huge wake created by a boat named Protector. It should’ve been named Tsunami.

I’m not a child, but I think the size of that wake might’ve scared a child. Most power boats in West Neck do not slow down for kayakers, paddleboarders and sailors in small boats. I wish they would.

We all want to have fun on the water, but we want to be safe.
Melanie Coronetz
Shelter Island