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Town committee recommends voluntary water conservation


The Water Advisory Committee (WAC) is recommending voluntary water conservation measures, a typical move during the summer months when Shelter Island’s population swells from slightly more than 2,000 people to an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 people.

The latest readings submitted to the WAC by the United States Geological Survey for June showed levels in test wells remained just above the “normal median” for June.

But well levels have dropped during the past four months compared with numbers for the same months in 2017, according to WAC member Greg Toner.

“If the recent low rainfall pattern continues, we can expect well levels will drop below their July median,” Mr. Toner said in a written statement released by the WAC accompanying the June report.

Committee members concluded that was another sign reinforcing their recommendation for voluntary water conservation through the remainder of the summer.

Rainfall that replenishes the aquifer raising well water levels was about 1.7 inches during the 39 days proceeding July 16 when the June report was released. Mr. Toner described that as “not horrible, but relatively low.”