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A different take
To the Editor:
On behalf of South Ferry Company and those we serve, I thank the town officials for inviting us to travel by boat to visit a proposed dock expansion site at a narrow part of West Neck Creek (“Reporter is banned from boat excursion,” September 6).

South Ferry’s interest in this is about two moorings we have in West Neck Bay for the sole purpose of securing ferryboats during hurricanes. Ferryboats, both North and South, must be well secured in storms and be able to swiftly get back into service for obvious reasons. Readers may remember the emergency transportation by South Ferry and our incredible Ambulance Corps that helped save the life of Mrs. Jernick at the height of Hurricane Sandy.

Relative to the on site visit, I felt the front page article and editorial in last week’s Reporter about their writer being denied a seat on the boat owned by the dock owner during the on-site fact-finding by town officials were a bit heavy handed.

What I witnessed was people responsible for protecting the public’s interest getting the facts for themselves before voting. I applaud their diligence. The tone of the article and editorial seemed to present the event as if something sinister was being done and decisions were being made out of public view.

Someone gave the writer the impression that “…they peppered Mr. Clark with questions.” That did not happen. The only question I was asked about the dock was whether it would impede our access to the moorage. After seeing the plan, I told them, “not at all” — the same answer I gave the writer in a phone interview last week. That was it. No peppering of questions. We were at the site about five minutes.

I have known every town representative on the boat for many years. They are decent, community-minded people who serve us faithfully with great concern for the Island and its residents. As a taxpayer and stake holder in the dock decision, I felt the inspection of the site was wise, above and beyond their obligation, kept nothing from the public and gave decision makers information needed to make an informed decision on behalf of the public. Perhaps a more collegial response would have gotten the result sought.
Again, a personal thank you to the town officials for recognizing how vital it is for both ferry companies be kept open and operational at all costs.


President, South Ferry

Editor’s note: The Reporter stands by the facts in the article.

Disturbing discrepancy
To the Editor:
Directly contradicting the statement of Bob DeStefano Jr., as reported in the September 6 issue of the Reporter (“New Cable Contract?”), an Optimum customer service representative informed me that “… we do not have a program set up for seniors.”

The Town Attorney claims that Optimum does not provide easily-accessible info regarding senior discounts; in truth, the company’s representatives are explicitly telling its customers that no such discounts exist.

Mr. DeStefano Jr., please get to the bottom of this disturbing discrepancy.


Shelter Island

Editor’s note: In a story about the town’s negotiations with Altice, the successor to Cablevision, it was mentioned that seniors could apply for internet service at a cost of $15 per month. An Altice spokeswoman explained that the $14.99 discounted fee is available to those households where a family member is eligible for the National School Lunch Program or is 65 years old or older and a recipient of Supplemental Security Income. The discounted fee provides 30 Mbps of high-speed broadband service. To apply, visit alticeadvantageinternet.com or call (844) 358 3147.

Sad state
To the Editor:
The residents of Silver Beach, as well as the Silver Beach Association’s Board of Directors, discovered that, once again, their flag was stolen from the flagpole area near the lagoon. This is the second time in the past two Labor Day weekends, that someone has decided that this community flag belongs to them.

It is a sad state of affairs and may be viewed as just a “practical joke,” but it is definitely not viewed that way by those of us who take pride in our community. It is time to grow up and learn the meaning of respect.

President, Silver Beach Association