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Roz Dimon in NYC

Ms. Dimon with ‘Kalashnikov’ at the exhibit opening at Carter Burden Gallery.

Island artist Roz Dimon’s work is featured in a new exhibit at the Carter Burden Gallery called  “GUNS!……LOCKS!……CHAINS!” along with fellow artists Scott Geyer and Jay Moss. The exhibit opened in October and is on display at the New York City gallery through Thursday, November 8.

Ms. Dimon is donating partial proceeds of sales to EveryTown For Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization that advocates for gun control and against gun violence.

In “GUNS!……LOCKS!……CHAINS!” Ms. Dimon presents white-on-black digital drawings of guns printed on canvas. Gallery representatives describe her process as, “The employment of digital media unambiguously coupled with the subject matter, the drawing of a machine with a machine.” 

When asked “Why guns?” Ms. Dimon explained. “Why? Because they are everywhere, from our history to our entertainment to front page news.” In a catalog essay written by Gail Levin, Ms. Dimon said, “I’m holding space for others to bring their stories to them. I don’t have the answers. These are works of art.” 

Dimon likens her digital drawings to poems, whereas her more complex interactive paintings called DIMONscapes® are like novels. One of these works, “Havens House,” has been commissioned by the Shelter Island Historical Society and will be premiering there as a permanent part of their collection in early summer 2019.

“An important part of my process is revealing the paradoxical co-existence of forces; masculine and feminine, evil and good, in these iconic artifacts,” said Ms. Dimon.

The Carter Burden Gallery is located at 548 West 28 St., New York City.

A digital drawing of a gun by Ms. Dimon