Around the Island

Skywalker delight


‘Skywalkers’ (above), by Eleanor P. Labrozzi was named Best in Show in the National Garden Club’s (NGC) International Photography Competition in the category of Weather Forecast. Proceeds from the sale of the print will support the NGC’s Plant America Program.

“I always loved chasing weather and light but I almost didn’t get this shot,” Ms. Labrozzi said. “I was just about to pack it up when my friend said, ‘Let’s just stay a little longer,’ and then bang!  I really have to thank this person. It is because of him I got this shot. I even had my back turned when the boom went off. It was so bright it was like daylight and I said, ‘Damn I hope I caught that one.’ When I looked in the viewfinder I was stunned. So now I’m even more of a storm chaser. This is still one of my favorites.”

Congratulations, El.