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Interactive art comes to Havens House

A painting that takes 300 years of history and makes it into a single work of art will be open to the public at The Shelter Island Historical Society on Sunday, July 14, from 4 to 6 p.m. during the exhibit’s opening reception. 

Called a “DIMONscape,” this new form of art was created by Shelter Island artist Roz Dimon and commissioned by and made for the Society. The artwork is a multi-layered digitally-created painting that invites all to lift up its many layers and explore its story via an audio/visual experience using their iPhone or smart devices. 

Schooled in traditional art, Roz (@rozolution) has been working with digital media for over 30 years. According to Ms. Dimon, a post 9/11 exploration into medieval iconography, where icons were described as a source of comfort to a nation besieged, inspired her to create a new form of art and storytelling called DIMONscapes — works that create a new window of experience for the viewer. She recently spoke about this concept and her DIMONscapes at an arts/media conference in June, sponsored by Yale University.

The Society asks guests to RSVP for the reception by July 11 to [email protected] as space is limited. It will feature hors d’oeuvres and snacks for kids with thanks to Shelter Island Wines & Spirits  and Greenport Harbor Brewing Company. Donations are appreciated.