Reporter editorial: Say yes to Pridwin’s Phase II

Despite a hiccup at the outset, the Petry brothers have won their bid to renovate The Pridwin Hotel, a project that has been a long time coming. The planned renovations of the building will bring the hotel up to current standards, improve water usage and septics, thanks to an agreement to use a nitrogen-reducing I/A (Innovative/Alternative) system to deal with wastes.

At public hearings, the only stated objection came from one owner of a neighboring property and his attorney, while many residents and workers at The Pridwin spoke in favor of the project.

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted last week to approve a special permit for Phase I of the project (renovating the original structure) in timely fashion so that work can get underway with an eye to completion in time for the 2020 Memorial Day weekend.

Public hearings are ongoing on Phase II, which would add an “activities center” on the property for weddings and other special events and replace aged cabins.

Parking will be expanded on the property with valet service, lessening the need for vehicles to park on Shore Road. The principals have agreed to have all traffic enter and leave from Shore Road, to plant vegetation at the back of the property to buffer sounds from the site, and to comply with the town’s “dark skies” ordinance.

Still, it’s expected that neighboring property owner Jack Sahl and his attorney, Albert D’Agostino, will be back to object to the second phase. Mr. D’Agostino argued in his appeal on Phase I that the project was wrongfully split into two parts.

The owners said timing dictated their decision to present the project in two phases. They hope to be able to start work on Phase II in October 2020 and have it completed prior to the 2021 Memorial Day weekend.

They have lessened seating in the hotel restaurant, kept the number of sleeping rooms the same by lessening those in the hotel by seven and planning to add seven to the cottages and have worked with neighbors to ensure an operation that stays within the boundaries of their decades-long operation of the site.

The Petry family has never violated the ambiance of the neighborhood. We believe sons Glenn and Gregg Petry will continue to operate The Pridwin in the style their parents did during their stewardship, and will please guests without disturbing neighbors. We encourage the ZBA to approve Phase II with the same judgment it has brought to Phase I.