10/25/19 12:00pm


Despite a hiccup at the outset, the Petry brothers have won their bid to renovate The Pridwin Hotel, a project that has been a long time coming. The planned renovations of the building will bring the hotel up to current standards, improve water usage and septics, thanks to an agreement to use a nitrogen-reducing I/A (Innovative/Alternative) system to deal with wastes. (more…)

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10/03/19 8:00am

Attorney Albert D’Agostino, representing Jack Sahl, told the ZBA last week he would have to consult with his client, but thought rerouting of traffic from Prospect Avenue to Shore Road and buffering of the Pridwin property with trees to quell noise from the site might be an acceptable solution that would enable the hotel applications to be approved.

If last week’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is any indication, agreement from Pridwin owners Glenn and Gregg Petry to reroute traffic, buffer noise and lights could result in an agreement to issue permits needed for renovations and expansions. (more…)

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07/31/19 8:00am

The Pridwin Hotel owners want to renovate and expand the hotel.

It was standing room only at Town Hall, with many people listening from the hallway, during last week’s Zoning Board of Appeals hearing. The crowd was on hand to hear plans by operators of the Pridwin to renovate and expand the hotel. (more…)

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07/29/19 12:00pm


Consider other options
To the Editor:
When Bennett Konesni and Eben Fiske Ostby inherited Sylvester Manor grounds and made the vital decision to transform the property to create a nonprofit educational farm, it was a game changer for the community.

Privately owned grounds could be easily turned into a luxury housing development. Instead of putting more pressure on the land and a fragile water aquifer, extensive grounds are now open to the public and the Manor House museum and organic farm were established. (more…)