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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Travis O. Maker, 38, of Greenport was arrested on April 29 at 6:32 p.m. in a wooded area of the Island. Following an investigation, police found Mr. Maker with a person listed in an order of protection. He had previously been ordered by the court to stay away from the individual. He was charged with criminal contempt in the 1st degree, criminal use of drug paraphernalia (scales), criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree (plastic knuckles), criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree and unlawful possession of marijuana in the 2nd degree.

Mr. Maker was held overnight and then arraigned in Suffolk County District Court where he was released on his own recognizance and ordered to return at a later date.


James J. Read III was backing out of the parking lot at Police Department headquarters on April 28 when he hit a parked vehicle belonging to Sean R. Clark. Damage to the passenger-side front of Mr. Read’s vehicle and the driver’s-side front of the parked vehicle exceeded $1,000 in damages.


A residential alarm in Silver Beach was set off on April 28 when the contractor on site was unaware the alarm was active. A water leak in the basement of a Ram Island home triggered both fire and gas leak alarms on April 30. The owner notified the caretaker and a plumber about the problem.

On May 1, the Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a fire alarm in the Heights; it was a false alarm. The next day, a fire alarm was set off twice at another Heights residence. The new owner will try to put the alarm on test until a repair can be made.


A caller told police on April 28 she had received a scam phone call, stating her grandson had been arrested and needed $7,000 for bail. She contacted her grandson who was fine, never sent in the money and wanted to report the scam for information purposes.

Police investigated a possible case of fraud on April 30. Also on that day, a caller reported the smell of propane and something metallic burning after cooking. Officers closed the propane valve, noticed burnt residue on the floor of the oven and advised the Fire Department. It was suggested the caller air out the house and contact the propane supplier because the gauge was low.

On May 1, a caller told police a pickup truck was heard speeding in the Center every day at around 6:45 a.m.; an extra patrol was requested.

A complaint was received on May 1 about a violation of New York State Executive Order 202 at a Center brewery. An officer explained to the employee that no one was permitted to congregate on the property, which was open for “to-go” items only, nor were people allowed to sit at the outdoor picnic tables.

A second complaint about Executive Order 202 was received on May 2 from a person driving on Ram Island who noticed the planting of shrubs/bushes. An officer responded and interviewed the homeowner who said he had hired someone, not affiliated with a landscaping company, and was unaware of the violation. Verbal warnings were issued to both the owner and the employee.

A caller complained on May 1 that a neighbor was operating a commercial business on private property in the Center, causing noise from machines and chain saws. An officer observed a person cutting firewood on the site and told the caller that woodcutting at 4 p.m. was not unreasonable. The Building Department was notified with regard to a possible zoning violation.

Two signs on a Center lawn were reported taken on May 2; the value was over $100.

Police responded to a neighbor dispute regarding property lines in Silver Beach on May 2.

A caller told police on May 2 that a large party of 20 people in Silver Beach was causing loud noise. Police found only four people at the residence, who had just returned from sailing; other people had already left.

On May 3, a Cartwright caller reported fuel oil was leaking in his basement. Police contacted a Piccozzi’s employee who said he would take care of the problem.

A caller reported on May 4 that every day around 6 or 7 at night, two men would picnic on a lot in Cartwright, frequently urinate and expose themselves to surrounding homes. Police were called again when the men returned. The two were interviewed, advised about the complaint and told to refrain in the future. They apologized for their actions.

A man walking his dog on the Shelter Island Country Club golf course on May 4 told police he had startled a man who appeared to be lying down on the ground but then rode off on a bicycle. Police searched the area with negative results.


A sick fox was reported in the Center on April 28. A snapping turtle was trapped in a window well in West Neck on May 2. An officer moved the turtle to the nearest wetland area. An injured robin, unable to fly, was rescued in Menantic on May 4 and taken to the vet.

In other incidents during the week, police dealt with three false 911 calls, conducted a well-being check, fingerprinted an individual for employment purposes, assisted a resident at home and responded to a lost and found report.

Officers also conducted four traffic stops in West Neck and the Center on Apr. 28 and 30 and May 2 and 3 — resulting in two warnings.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on May 1 and 3. A fourth case on May 1 did not require transportation.