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Bucks need for housing is critical: Only weeks to go to field a team

With the calming of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shelter Island Bucks have run into another hurdle to secure housing for coaches and players.

David Austin, a member of the management group leading the Bucks for this summer,  said more Island residents who might have agreed to offering housing are instead entertaining family and friends this summer.

In addition, a family who had agreed to house three players had to withdraw because of a health issue So instead of needing one bed for June, that number is back up to four.

Housing is critical to fielding a team this summer because the pandemic resulted in cancellation of two seasons. If the team can’t play this summer, it would be dropped from the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League.

To try to counter the housing problem, the managers have broken the season up into two-week stints instead of seeking hosts for one to two months.

Accordingly, the managers are seeking the following;

• Four beds for June 1 through 15

• Four beds for June 16 through 30

• 10 beds for July 1 through 15

• 11 beds for July 16 through 31

If you can host one or more players during any of these periods, you can reach Mr. Austin at [email protected], or call 415-613-1991; General Manager Brian Cass at [email protected], or call 631-445-0084; or Frank Vecchio at [email protected], or call 516-317-8687.