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North Ferry seeks rate hike: Details to come next week

North Ferry officials will be at the Town Board work session next Tuesday afternoon to outline an application for a rate hike, Supervisor Gerry Siller has announced.

Details of what the company is seeking aren’t yet available. Since the last rate hike approved by the Suffolk County Legislature in the summer of 2021, the company has added a new boat to its fleet and raised and lengthened two of its ramps — one in Greenport last spring and the second on the Shelter Island side has just been completed.

The other two ramps will be set for similar work, possibly starting with one next spring.

Following the recommendation of the last fare hike by the County Budget Review Office, the increase was unanimously approved by the full legislature.

Heights Property Owners Corporation General Manager Stella Lagudis described the approval process as “very prescriptive,” in how the process is handled in reviewing such applications by the State and the Suffolk County Legislature.

North Ferry General Manager Bridg Hunt listened to local requests before the last fare hike and made adjustments in some fares.

The Town’s Ferry Study Group has been relatively inactive and often reduced to commenting on issues after implementation. But Mr. Siller told the Town Board this time he wants the group to be activated at a time when input could affect decisions.

The current study group lists three members on the Town website — Mr. Siller, Waterways Management Advisory Council Chairman John Needham, and Elizabeth Galle, who also represents the Island on the Suffolk County Planning Commission.

“The Ferry Study Group has a voice like every other citizen and has the ability to use that voice at the hearing,” Ms. Lagudis said.

The Town Board work session is at 1 p.m., Tuesday, April 25. It’s open to the public in person or virtually accessible through a Zoom link under the meetings tab on the Town website.