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Reports of 911 service disruption in Suffolk County

Shelter Island Police Chief Jim Read has notified his department and the public that Suffolk County is reporting a 911 service disruption on what appears to be a single cellular carrier at this time. 

According to  the  Suffolk County Police Department, there has been “an intermittent issue with at least one known cell phone carrier that is causing disruptions to 911 call service within 911 call centers in Suffolk County. Residents are urged if they call 911 and receive a fast busy signal to hang up and immediately call 631-852-COPS and follow the prompts to be directed to your police jurisdiction. The department is working to identify and rectify the issue as quickly as possible and there has been no disruption to emergency services being dispatched as a result of the issue.”

The Suffolk County Police Department, according to Newsday, said they were working to fix the disruptions and said there has been no disruption to emergency services dispatched to calls.

Chief Read  said, “Our residents can also call dispatch directly by dialing 631-765-2600 for emergencies while we are waiting for this small portion of the 911 system to be repaired.  Keep in mind that 911 via most cellular carriers is still working and land line calls to 911 are also working.”