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Scale House at Shelter Island Recycling Center to be replaced: Skate park likely to close

The familiar scale house at the town’s Recycling Center is to undergo a replacement next week.

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the scale house will be closed while the rest of activities — disposal of garbage, regular recycling and the Goody Pile will all be accessible, according to Highway Superintendent Ken Lewis, who made the announcement at the Town Board session on Feb. 13.

Functions requiring the use of the scale house are disposal of air conditioners, asphalt, automobiles, trailers, vehicle and lawn mower batteries, concrete, construction and building debris, de-humidifiers, dirt and fill, furniture, leaves — because their quality and quantity require monitoring — logs and stumps, scrap metal, propane tanks, refrigerators and tires.

The skate park outside the main building at the Recycling Center is expected to be removed. It is in poor shape and poses a hazard to users who are dwindling in numbers, Mr. Lewis said, and the space could be used for Highway and Public Works storage. There are materials currently being stored at the site of the former Highway Department that is projected to be a development site for affordable rental units.

Those materials can now be moved to the extra space at the Recycling Center, Mr. Lewis said.