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Nine businesses seek OK to operate at Shelter Island town-owned sites this summer

Representatives of nine businesses who want to operate during the summer months on town-owned properties briefly introduced their plans at the April 2 Town Board work session.

Most have done so in past seasons and some want to make changes — either in space or to operate more efficiently than they have in the past.

Plans called for teams of Board members to visit with a few business owners to clarify requests. It’s anticipated most and maybe all will get approval for their operations at the April 15 regular Town Board meeting.

Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams recused herself from the discussion about three ice cream businesses, explaining that one of the three is a former client of hers when she operated the accounting firm A&W Williams  prior to her election.

The nine businesses are:

• Venture Out, which has handled paddle board and kayak rentals at Crescent Beach for 14 years. The request was to approve a storage box on the beach.

• Stars on Wheels, operated by Stars Café, was hoping to launch its food service last summer at Wade’s Beach, but co-owner Lydia Martinez told the Board that problems with the truck prohibited that effort. The truck is now ready for the summer of 2024.

• Tuck Shop, in business for 40 years under the direction of the Sulahian family was purchased four years ago by John Sieni. Mr. Sieni’s request was to have a parking space adjacent to the Islander food truck at Crescent Brach, if possible

• Kpops is Karen Springer’s ice treats business. Ms. Springer wants to operate at both Crescent and Wade’s beaches. It would be for five days a week, for about an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. This would be her third year of truck operations.

• Bon Spa has been offering massages at Crescent Beach for 20 years. Last year the business had a storage bin it placed outside the tent to allow more space to move within its tent. Permission is sought to keep the bin outside the tent this summer.

• Between the Forks is the Islander food truck that has been operating at Crescent Beach for several years.

• Kayak Shelter Island, which belonged to Jay Damuck, was taken over four years ago by Adam Mills, and his kayaks operate on Coecles Harbor.

• RideShore charters trips on the East End and plans to do so again this summer if approval is forthcoming.