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11/08/19 12:00pm


A different perspective
To the Editor:
I completed my first marathon (NYC) this past weekend at age 61.

I have a summer home on Shelter Island and our beautiful land was the setting for my training runs. From July 1 until marathon day, Nov. 3, I ran over 500 miles with many of these miles taking place during July and August on Shelter Island. (more…)

08/05/19 12:00pm

The Shelter Island Public Library Tennis Tournament returns on Saturday, Aug. 17.

Pick your team and get ready to hit the court for the Shelter Island Public Library Tennis Tournament on Saturday, Aug. 17. The tourney returned last year from its hiatus since 2005. 


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08/02/19 8:00am


Elizabeth Pedersen
To the Editor:
Elizabeth Pedersen fought and underwent treatment for one of the most deadly cancers for four years.

All of that time, she worked tirelessly with her husband, Bill, and her colleagues at the Shelter Island Historical Society to create a state-of-the-art facility for the safe preservation of treasures Islanders have donated, and for the education of generations to come in our Island’s history. Fortunately she lived, undoubtedly against all odds and with pain, just long enough to see the recent and stunning completion of her vision. (more…)

05/23/19 4:30pm

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By Susan Carey Dempsey & Julie Lane

The awnings are unfurled, extra ice is piled high, shops are bursting with new inventory and summer staffers are reporting for work. The unofficial kickoff to the long-awaited summer season is here.

Here’s a guide to restaurants and shops around the Island that will be welcoming shoppers and hungry customers for Memorial Day Weekend. (more…)