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09/24/19 4:30pm

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After two days of reviewing budget requests from town department and committee chairs, and many more sessions to go, what started out as a 15.7% budget increase is now down to 15.2%. But that’s well above the 5% to 6% the Town Board thinks will fly with taxpayers. (more…)

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09/20/19 2:00pm

Esteemed book editor and Islander Susan Kamil passed away on Sunday, Sept. 8 from complications relating to lung cancer. She was 69. (more…)

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08/21/19 12:00pm


Complaints about barking dogs are ongoing and the Town Board is studying revisions to its Town Code to deal with the problem.

The problem surfaced at a board meeting last month when neighbors of a residence in the Center, which houses up to 14 dogs at a time, said they have been afflicted by dogs howling at all hours of the day and night. (more…)

08/18/19 11:00am

Leaves and seedpods.

Latin Name: Ailanthus altissima

Locations: Tree of heaven thrives (too well) throughout the Island. One is tucked to the side of the library parking lot; a cluster of small trees flourish along the edge of Coecles Harbor at the intersection of Cobbetts Lane and Ram Island Road.  


07/21/19 8:00am

A view of Taylor’s Island.

Nestled quietly in Coecles Harbor lies an Island that is one of Shelter Island’s hidden historical treasures.

Taylor’s Island (technically called a tombolo because you can walk to it at low tide) is now in the spotlight. This past Friday, local Shelter Island artists presented their work in Town Hall.