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Shelter Island photo quiz: What is that? May 11, 2024

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Old reliable Roger McKeon weighed in correctly to identify last week’s mystery photo (see right), writing: “It’s crates of wine from Saint-Agnant outside Léon’s.”

(Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

That would be the Léon 1909 restaurant, which opened in August 2022 at the corner of West Neck and Menantic Roads, replacing the old bank building.

The restaurant is named after owner Valerie Mnuchin’s paternal grandfather, reflecting the Provencal fare and comfortable style he enjoyed in his travels. The selection of wines and cocktails is a nod to the French and Italian influences he favored.

The photo is of antique wine bottles on the bread stand, where freshly baked whole grain sourdough bread is available every day the restaurant is open. Occasionally, Ms. Mnuchin said, Léon’s baker will set out fresh focaccia and/or brioche.

She bought the bottles and the zinc bread stand at Lumber & Salt in Jamesport. “I love all things vintage, well-used and well-loved,” Ms. Mnuchin said. “It’s a perfect stand to sell our delicious, fresh bread.”