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Shelter Island Reporter photo quiz: What is that? June 8, 2024

If you know, let us know. Send your responses to [email protected] or phone 631-275-1859.

Last week’s mystery photo (see below) was sent to us by Jim Pugh. He was on his way to the Quaker Meeting in the Sylvester Manor woods when something caught his eye, startling him. It was a seated figure, alert to its woodland surroundings.

(Credit: Jim Pugh)

At first Mr. Pugh thought the figure might be alive, but going closer saw it was a striking work of art.

Roger McKeon wasn’t fooled: “Nice try! It’s Mary Ann Moy’s satyr sculpture at Sylvester Manor,” and Jonathan Brush was right behind him with the correct ID.

Ms. Moy told us, “That’s my sculpture, ‘Sylvanos,’ a woodland Satyr, who is part of the inaugural ‘Sculpture @ Sylvester Manor’ exhibition, on this summer from June 22 to September 7. He can usually be seen during the ARTSI Studio Tour, which will take place August 17 and 18 this summer. He was first created in clay and then cast by hand into concrete with a bronze patina, and of course would be delighted to be part of a new garden!  Any inquiries, talk to Sylvester Manor, and thanks for asking about him.”

Thank you, Mary Ann, for bringing Sylvanos to the Island.

Don’t miss Sculpture @ Sylvester Manor, an outdoor exhibition of sculptures, installations, and artistic expressions. Curated by Tom Cugliani, the exhibition will engage a diverse spectrum of artists local to the East End.