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Jason Green breaks the tape as the first Islander in 10K: Brother Joshua 20 seconds behind

“It was a hard day out there,” Jason Green, 21, told the Reporter just after crossing the finish line Saturday, June 15, at Shelter Island’s 45th running of the 10K. Jason was the first Islander to break the tape at his hometown’s race.

“Across the board you could see people not performing up to their standards because of the heat,” he said.

For the past two years the conditions for the 10K had been optimal, with cloudy skies and a cool breeze. Yesterday’s race, however, was the opposite, with a bright sun and a temperature close to 80 degrees.

“I hit a wall around mile 4,” Jason said. “The heat started to get to me.”

The heat of the day didn’t stop him from crossing the finish line with a new personal record. “Last year’s race I placed 7th, and the year before that I took 6th place, and this year I broke a new PR.”

Jason finished this year’s 10K with a time of 32:27, a time, he said, he is very proud of.

The first Island woman across the line was Elle Brown, who registered as being 17 and from Shelter Island Heights. Ms. Brown couldn’t be interviewed after the race and 10K officials had no contact information for her.

This wasn’t Jason’s first time on the Shelter Island course. “I’ve been running it for 10 years now.”

He’s also a veteran of the Island’s 5K race, run every October. Last year Jason set the course record for that race.

Jason Green, seen here setting the course record for the Island’s 5K race last October. (Credit: Adam Bundy)

He didn’t run Saturday’s 10K alone. Alongside him was his older brother Joshua Green, 24. The brothers matched pace for most of the course, before Jason pulled ahead at mile 4 with Joshua hot on his heels. The Green brothers finished this year’s Shelter Island 10K within 20 seconds of each other.

During the “last minute registration” time, the Reporter had the chance to sit down with some other participants of this year’s race, both of whom know the Green brothers well. Islanders Jonas Kinsey, 22, and Luke Lowell-Liszancki, 21, ran in their first ever Shelter Island 10K together.

Jonas said that he was “nervous” but excited to run again, though he hasn’t run since his time on the Shelter Island School cross country team back in the 7th grade. Luke was more confident in his response, joking that he would finish in the top 10. (Both Islanders finished at exactly the same time, recording a respectable 1:01.45.)

The friends also said they were going to manifest positivity and have fun while running the race. Jonas expressed a final note of concern before lining up at the starting line, reminding his friend that they had only trained for two days to prepare for the race.

“I’m going to die of heat stroke.” Jonas teased, before he and Luke took off into the crowd.