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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: July 9, 2024

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Cristian A. Moreno Santacruz, Shelter Island, was driving on South Menantic Road on July 2 when he was stopped for operating a vehicle with a non-supervisory occupant in the front seat.

Anthony E. Harris, Shelter Island, was ticketed on Tower Hill Road on the same date for traveling at a speed not reasonable or prudent. Mr. Harris was also given a summons for inadequate brake lights on his motorcycle and for making an insufficient turn signal.

On June 29, Steven Markovich, New York City, was given a summons for speeding on New York Avenue — 48 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone.

Brian F. Zingale, New York City, was ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road on June 29 and for driving an uninspected vehicle.

Gregory W. Hills, New York City, was given a summons on June 28 for speeding on West Neck Road — 44 mph in a 35-mph zone.

Police conducted radar enforcement and traffic stops on June 28, 29, and 30 and July 3, 4, 5, and 6, resulting in 24 warnings and six tickets.

Bay Constables issued two tickets to Evan W. Flatley, St. Petersburg, Fla., on July 5 for operating a unregistered boat in Coecles Harbor and for a non-resident anchored out of a designated area.

Traffic control officers issued 100 parking tickets during the week.

Mejia Diaz, Brooklyn, and Francie Alonzo-Lopez, Reading, Penn., were cited on July 6 and 7 for keeping undersized porgies.

Jon Muharemabic, East Quogue, was cited for causing a wake on boarding in West Neck Harbor on July 7. Jeremy Howser was given a summons on June 30 for towing people with no observers on Crescent Beach on June 30.


A record number of accidents were reported over the Fourth of July weekend.

Aaron Rojano-Rojas, Flanders, was driving south on South Menantic Road on July 2 with his trailer attached. He was attempting to made a turn east on Conrad Road when he took the turn too wide. His trailer collided with a vehicle driven by Christian Alex Santa Cruz, causing minor damage.

On July 3, Susan Peffer, Shelter Island, said she was attempting to make a right turn onto Grand Avenue from Chase Avenue when a vehicle driven by Carlos Moranflores, Greenport, hit the right front of Ms. Peffer’s vehicle, causing over $1,000 in damage.

On June 30, Jennifer A. Coughlin, Harleysville, Penn., said she was pulling out of a parking spot and hit a vehicle driven by John Carmanico, Montauk, who was traveling north on Grand Avenue. Damage to both vehicles exceeded $1,000.

Michelle C. Corbett, Shelter Island, told police that while she was entering her driveway on North Midway Road on July 1, a deer ran out on the roadway. To avoid hitting the deer, she hit a tree, damaging the right front bumper and quarter panel.

Anthony Harris, Shelter Island, said he was headed north on North Ferry Road on a motorcycle on July 5 when a Jeep Wrangler was parked in a spot parallel to the roadway in front of Volunteer Park. The Jeep pulled out in front of Mr. Harris causing him to apply his brakes and then fall off the motorcycle. A Shelter Island Medical Services team transported Mr. Harris to Eastern Long Island Hospital. Police were unable to locate the Jeep.

Gail Ginsberg, Shelter Island, was attempting to parallel park on Bridge Street in the northbound lane on July 5. According to the draft report, she sideswiped a parked vehicle belonging to Masbumi Horikana of Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Damage to both vehicles exceeded $1,000.

Joaquin Solis-Tahual was sitting in a parked vehicle on Shore Road when a vehicle backed out of an adjacent parking space, causing damage of over $1,000 to the parked vehicle. Police searched for the vehicle, which had left the scene of the accident, traveling north on Shore Road.

Whitmore Worsley, East Hampton, reported damage to his vehicle, parked in the North Ferry Parking lot on July 6. Damage exceeded $1,000; the other vehicle had left the scene of the accident.

Adrian Rogers, Atlanta, Ga., was making a left turn, after a complete stop, at Chase Avenue, proceeding south on Grand Avenue. John D. Bogart pulled out from a parking space and hit the vehicle driven by Mr. Rogers, damaging the left right front quarter panel and bumper.  

Hunter Starzee, Shelter Island, said he was driving south on North Menantic Road when he hit a deer on June 29.

A minor accident was reported on June 28 when Rene Abnulfo Salazar Betran of Greenport, reported he was driving westbound on Summerfield Place to the ferry office when his mirror struck the mirror of a vehicle driven by Ludin Oliverio Rivera, Riverhead, who was parked in the ferry lane.  


A real estate scam was investigated in the Center on June 28.

An officer responded to a domestic dispute in Shorewood on June 29; both parties agreed to separate for the evening. A noise complaint about Sylvester Manor was received on the 29th. An officer explained that the Manor was allowed to have music as long as it was compliant with the town code. The band was barely audible from the property line. A loud party in Menantic was reported as a celebration of life. The music was turned off.

A West Neck business customer refused to provide an ID to enter. An officer advised her to wait outside the restaurant or to provide an ID to enter. The person left without incident.

An Environmental Conservation Law check (ECL) was conducted at South Ferry on June 30. An officer checked 23 porgies and issued a warning for one fish that was 1/6 of an inch short. A second inspection was held at Ram Island’s Reel Point and at Hiberry Lane in Hay Beach. Sixteen people were fishing at both locations.

Police investigated a report of fake IDs in West Neck. The subjects were advised to leave the premises and not to return. Two boats were issued warnings about navigation laws in West Neck and Smith Cove on July 1.

On July 2, police received a complaint about noise at a Silver Beach pool. Youths were playing in the pool and listening to music. The responding officer did not consider the noise unreasonable, but the music was turned down anyway. Police investigated a missing aircraft that had originated in Shelter Island air space. An officer located the aircraft and the owner said he was in contact with several local towers regarding his flight path.              

Marine units issued warnings to boaters in Greenlawns on July 4 and advised 12 boats to relocate to designated anchorages. Loud music was reported at SALT’s waterfront bar. An officer remained in the area for 10 minutes and advised the complainant to contact SIPD if noise continued. Numerous calls regarding fireworks were received on July 4; none were substantiated.

An ECL check of Kissing Rock on July 6 noted three people fishing; one ticket for undersized porgies. A person was punched in the face in West Neck. Both parties declined prosecution.

Loud music was called in about Sunset Beach. The volume was lowered without incident.

In other reports: police unlocked four vehicles with the keys inside; attended North Ferry line traffic; responded to four lost and found reports; conducted a well-being check; and participated in training exercises.


Police and Shelter Island Fire departments responded to a fire alarm in Hay Beach on June 29, caused by ongoing construction. A second alarm in Hay Beach on

 June 30 was the result of a defective smoke alarm in the basement. Burned food set off an alarm in Dering Harbor on July 1, and a faulty smoke detector was the cause of another fire alarm in the Center on July 1. Two alarms were set off in Menantic and West Neck on July 2 — a low battery caused one, and steam from a shower caused the other.

A faulty smoke alarm at a Center residence set off an alarm on July 1. Police found the premises secure after a motion alarm in West Neck on July 2 activated a police investigation. An entry alarm at a Westmoreland house was caused by steam from a shower. A false alarm was set off accidentally at a Center residence.


A caller reported a dog bit him on his left arm; an emergency medical service team responded but the person refused medical transport. The animal control officer (ACO) located the owner of a dog at large and reunited him with his dog. The ACO assisted with the search for two missing dogs that later returned home on their own. A caller reported while walking his dogs in Menantic another owner’s dog attacked his dog. There was a verbal altercation; both parties wanted the incident documented by police.

A deer stuck in a fence in West Neck was freed by the ACO and put down by police without incident.

A caller reported that a crow was hanging out in her Heights fountain. The ACO observed a healthy fledgling with its mother nearby. A crow standing on a street in the Heights was taken by the ACO to a wildlife rehabilitator. An injured crow in Westmoreland was found to be a healthy fledgling. A diamond back turtle was hit by a car on Ram Island and was taken by the ACO to a vet for euthanasia. An injured cowbird was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on June 29 and 30, and Southampton Hospital on June 28, 29, and 30; three cases were taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital on July 5, 6, and 7.