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Ms. Dempsey explores sparkling wines of the North Fork.

When traveling with my gallant groom, we enjoy sampling the local cuisine, but we also make a point of asking the natives where they like to eat. So it was that we found ourselves, while in Dublin last week, visiting a wine bar called “The French Paradox.”

The name refers to the concept that the French seem able to enjoy a diet rich in cheeses and foie gras, supposedly offset by the healthy effect of wine.


09/15/18 3:00pm
STOCK PHOTO Ms. Zavatto’s new book offers Island-themed cockail recipes.

Ms. Zavatto’s new book offers Island-themed cockail recipes.

Not ready to let go of summer yet? September on Shelter Island can sometimes be a sweet dessert after the multi-course menu of June, July and August. Step out on the porch and enjoy a soft breeze while the sun still sparkles on the water. Before you do, though, pick up Amy Zavatto’s book, “Prosecco Made Me Do It,” and fix yourself a refreshing cocktail.


08/18/18 3:00pm
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Author Jeanne McCulloch and her book, ‘All Happy Families.’

Author Jeanne McCulloch signing her book, ‘All Happy Families ’ for a fan.

On August 11, a large group gathered at Finley’s Fiction to congratulate Island resident and author Jeanne McCulloch on the publication of her memoir, “All Happy Families,” recently published by Harper Wave, an imprint of HarperCollins.


01/26/16 4:30pm
The cover of Forager's Cocktails.

The cover of Forager’s Cocktails.

A bristly, irritating stinging nettle plant might be unwelcome in most homeowners’ yards, but for Amy Zavatto, it’s a great bitter root to balance the sweet agave syrup in a “Swizzle.”

“The weed is kind of in the eye of the beholder,” said Zavatto, a part-time Greenport resident and author of the new book “Forager’s Cocktails,” which features more than 40 recipes using foraged and grown ingredients. Drinks made with fresh components like elder flower, wood sorrel and lovage are accompanied by tantalizing photos of the finished products.

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