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09/13/19 12:00pm


Not a quitter
To the Editor:
In response to the profile of my daughter, Aterahme Lawrence (“A long way travelled in a very short time,” Sept. 5):

Family and friends always say to me, “If I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t know that you struggle financially.” I give/gave my children all of me and 1,000%. (more…)

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09/06/19 6:14am


Over the past several weeks, two letters from Julia Weisenberg and one from Marcus Kassik didn’t have  accompanying editor’s notes that they are running for Town Council seats on the Republican line this November.

Also, in a story on the political races published yesterday, Councilman Jim Colligan’s name didn’t appear.

The Reporter regrets these errors of omission.


03/11/19 10:00am

Community Housing Board Chairwoman Mary-Faith Westervelt

The Democrats were first out of the gate for the 2019 election, naming former Supervisor Gerry Siller as the party’s challenger to incumbent Republican Gary Gerth, and Michael Bebon for a Town Board seat. Councilman Jim Colligan will also run for another term on the Democratic line. (more…)

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03/08/19 2:00pm


The Shelter Island Republican Committee has announced their slate of candidates for the November election, with a top vote-getting incumbent absent from the list. (more…)