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03/15/19 4:30pm

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Jocelyn Clapp Ozolins

Shortly after she graduated from the University of Michigan, Jocelyn Clapp Ozolins, the head reference librarian at the Shelter Island Public library, interviewed at Borders, the bookstore chain that got its start in Ann Arbor. (more…)

07/04/16 3:00pm
GETTY IMAGES/STOCK PHOTO | No cheating, no excuses.

GETTY IMAGES/STOCK PHOTO | No cheating, no excuses.

Although we all are Shelter Island nationalists, we are part of a larger world. Really. This time of year, with the Glorious Fourth upon us, is a time to remember that e pluribus unum.

As Shelter Islanders, we are smart and of course know basic American history, although the rest of our fellow Americans come up shockingly short. A study last year by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum asked Americans to name the first five freedoms in the Bill of Rights. One in 1,000 could do it.
(Let’s see — Freedom of … and … uh.) (more…)