Editorials: A race well run



It’s more than appropriate that our Island community give itself a pat on the back this week.

Saturday’s 10K was a thrilling sporting event, but it was much more than just a footrace. The Island was alive from Meb sightings at Star’s Café Friday morning through a joyous pasta party at the American Legion that night and all of the events Saturday, with the Kid’s Fun Run a highlight.

It all led up to the great race, and after that the barbecue at SALT and private parties all over the Island lighting up the night.

The racing gods smiled on us when it came to the weather, with Saturday the definition of a perfect summer’s day.

The sport of long distance running is done outside and not in enclosed stadiums with digitized beer ads and a trip to the concession stand requiring a preliminary meeting with your bank manger. Shelter Island is perfect for the sport of distance races. Not just for the physical beauty, but for the spirit of those who turn out to cheer the athletes on their quest.

Special congratulations goes to Mary Ellen Adipietro, for being the guiding spirit of this race, which celebrated its 35th birthday Saturday. Ms. Adipietro had the foresight to convince the great American athlete Meb Keflezighi, winner of an emotional and inspirational Boston Marathon in April, to come and compete on the Island. This provided buzz and energy long before the horn sounded at 5:30 p.m.  Saturday, sending the racers on their course.

Special thanks also goes to Dr. Frank Adipietro, the indefatigable voice of the 10K, and   Cliff Clark, who, along with the hundreds of volunteers they led, made the weekend happen. We’ll say it again: Thank you for your time and tireless work. Your community salutes you.

Raising voices
Too often there are calls (some in this space) in public and private discourse condemning a crippling cynicism that has crept into American life. It’s the attitude that government is a rigged game and only a rube would get involved when a fleecing by the powers-that be is already in the cards.

It’s a welcome turn of events when cynicism turns to action, as seen by the growing opposition to PSEG’s proposed substation on town-owned property next to the Havens House.

The Town Board listened to a well-argued and smooth presentation from the utility’s representatives a few weeks ago, and has since been getting an equally well-argued earful from residents who have shown up at Town Hall and expressed concern by writing to the board. The Reporter’s letters’ page has also been a venue for a questioning public.

This week there are petitions circling at locations in town protesting the idea of a substation, one at Bliss’ Department Store on Bridge Street that has attracted particular attention.

The Town Board has insisted there is no “done deal” at work here, that it’s still very early in a process and all options will be considered. We take the board members at their word, and look forward to the continuing participation of Islanders in the debate.