01/20/18 8:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTOS A cake — sort of — for Codger.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO A cake for Codger.

This is a big week for birthdays, including Martin Luther King Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Al Capone, Muhammad Ali, Edgar Allan Poe, Janis Joplin and last and certainly least, Codger, who will have to blow out the candles for all of them. (more…)

01/18/18 8:00am
BOB DeSTEFANO PHOTO Let it snow. Our columnist's driveway.

BOB DeSTEFANO PHOTO Let it snow. Our columnist’s driveway.

Did you ever notice how some things can be so beautiful and at the same time really ugly?

Every winter I feel that way about snow. Not many things are more attractive or more beautiful than the first snowfall. On the flip side, driving home from work on slick, sub-freezing temperature roads, not much could be uglier. (more…)