11/19/17 3:00pm
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | A basketful of bounty: It’s almost scallop season. Will this year be a boom or a bust?

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Local scallops — a basketful of bounty.

After reading last week’s Reporter story about Steve Lenox and the opening of  scallop season and listening to Billy Gremmler telling Gary Sapien on WLNG about all the scallops he’d be serving this weekend, I just had to have some.

It was Thursday afternoon so I went to see Jimmy Hayward at Commander Cody’s. I saw some recently opened shells outside — a good sign — but the place was closed.  (more…)

11/19/17 8:00am


In Suffolk County — and all over the United States — last week’s election saw great victories for women to enter government. There were many breakthroughs.

Laura Jens-Smith, for example, was elected supervisor of the Town of Riverhead, the first woman elected supervisor of Riverhead since the town was founded 225 years ago. (more…)

11/17/17 10:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Seared scallops with sweet peppers and apple cider.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Seared scallops with sweet peppers and apple cider.

To eat a fresh wild Peconic Bay scallop is to experience the miracle of merroir, a food that tastes like the soup of salt, sand, grass and mud it came from — flavors of honey, mushrooms and sea foam.

Bay scallops are one of this country’s finest wild foods. Living on the East End means we get to eat plenty of them, especially this year, when the season, which has just started and goes through March, is looking very good. (more…)