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Seniors: Another trip down Memory Lane

Join us for another trip “Down Memory Lane.” In this photo identification contest, try to name all five seniors in the two photos below. The pictures are from the old Nutrition Program’s Congregate Meal and date back to 1998.

Attendance at the luncheons was low, and in an effort to boost the numbers, a special invitation went out to Heights residents. (That’s a clue!)

Photo 1

In picture # 1, the handsome couple on the right obviously enjoyed having their picture taken. Who are they? The name of the gentleman on the left is, alas, unknown to me.

Photos 2.

In picture #2, a happy foursome has just finished dessert. The pretty woman on the left is Virginia Hanrahan, better known as a volunteer at the Mashomack Preserve’s Visitor Center. Who are the other three?

Do call me at 749-0751 with your answers. The time and date of your call will be carefully recorded. “Down Memory Lane” contest winners will be announced in the November 24 issue of your Reporter.