Around the Island

Seniors: Remembering old friends

Photo #1

February is as good a month as any for remembering old friends.

Join me in what will be the fourth and final trip “Down Memory Lane,” the photo contest that challenges you to identify five of the seniors in the three pictures shown here.

The contest rules are simple:

1. Call me at 749-0751.

2. Be sure to leave your name and the date and time of your call.

3. Name the seniors by picture number.

The first contestant to call with the correct identifications is the winner. In the event of a tie, separate prizes will be awarded. The call-in deadline is Friday, February 17 at noon. The winner(s) will be announced in the February 23 issue of your Reporter.

In picture #1, all three women need identification. The one on the right was a lighthouse keeper’s daughter. The other two still have children on the Island.

Photo #2

In picture #2, this petite diner is celebrating her birthday at a Monday Collegiate Meal (now the Dinner Bell). Hint: She lived in a doll’s house on Smith Street. Who is she?

In picture #3, sharing a lunch with the one and only Lillian Stile (left) is a retired school nurse and, at that time, a member of the Senior Citizens Affairs Council. Who is she?

Photo #3