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WMAC balks at dock application

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Councilman Peter Reich, Town Board liaison to the Water Management Advisory Council.
REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Councilman Peter Reich, Town Board liaison to the Waterways Management Advisory Council.

It was one up and one down for the Waterways Management Advisory Committee Thursday, September 4, as they agreed to unanimously recommend that the Town Board approve one application but disapprove a second.

The thumbs down recommendation is an application from K&K Shelter 1 Associates, LLC. The organization was seeking to add to what the seven members of the committee felt was an already lengthy area of floating docks at the property at 1 Sylvester Road.

The application was to install a 3-foot by 15-foot seasonal aluminum ramp onto two 6-foot by 20-foot seasonal floating docks secured by four 10-inch diameter anchor pilings and a 10-inch diameter mooring piling.

The committee had asked the organization for a letter explaining hardship needs to support the application, but that didn’t arrive until the day after the meeting, according to Councilman Peter Reich, Town Board liaison to the WMAC.

Mr. Reich said he doubted the committee, now in possession of the letter, would reverse its unanimous vote to reject the application because the property already has close to 200 feet of floating docks.

Committee members saw no reason to recommend what would amount to another 135 feet of floating dock.

It will fall to the Town Board to make a final decision on the application.

An application from Alexander and Nancy Alex of 119 South Ferry Road for a Riparian mooring 100 feet offshore of their existing dock got a unanimous vote to recommend Town Board approval.