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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


Perfect opportunity
To the Editor:
I just read the article in the Reporter concerning possible $450,000 in grants proposed to the town to repair Shelter Island’s roads (“Hitting the Roads,” March 24).

I am surprised to read that the Island’s roads were declared “the best in Suffolk county” and would question the criteria used to make that determination. Were the roadway needs beyond those of car drivers considered in this evaluation?

For years I have wondered why Shelter Island neglects the needs of all users of the road. As a resident of the Center, I see kids riding bikes, pedestrians, runners, moms with strollers and elderly individuals who don’t drive risking their lives on our roads.

The situation only becomes more dangerous in the high season of summer, when there are more cars, faster cars, more pedestrians and more bikes on the roads.

It is no secret that there is contention between car drivers and other users of Shelter Island’s roads. The anger and hostility that exists is at times frightening and potentially dangerous. But I have not heard a comment from any town official in an attempt to mediate or solve the serious problems that exist. There certainly hasn’t been an attempt to create bike lanes, shoulders or, dare I say, sidewalks, even on the Island’s busiest roadways to create safe traveling spaces for all of its users.

Since our roadways have been declared to be in great condition, perhaps we could be more forward thinking in the design of our roads. These proposed infrastructure grants of $450,000 could be used to enhance our roads so that the threat to pedestrians, young and old, bikers, young and old and moms pushing strollers is addressed and solved before the town incurs a more serious debt when someone gets injured.

Shelter Island is a small place with the potential to be a model of community and efficiency, but this does not happen when the needs of its residents are unnoticed or ignored. I urge the town to start addressing the issue of safety for all users of our roadways. These grants seem to present the perfect opportunity to begin the discussion.
Shelter Island

Right at home
To the Editor:
I want to thank the Reporter’s staff for their unwavering support of my artwork.

My family has been summering here since I was a young child and eventually my parents, Leah and Victor Friedman, built their own home decades ago. About two years ago my husband and I bought our own home here on the Island and commute to and from New York City year round.

I have been overwhelmed by your inclusion of my artwork, workshops and exhibitions in the Reporter. I am most proud of the beautiful, full-page display of the fabulous artwork by women who participated in my “Tree of Life” workshop at the Library (Around the Island, February 25). It was thrilling to see all of their art quilts in full color and so beautifully photographed by Beverlea Walz.

Thank you for making this Brooklyn girl feel right at home.
Shelter Island