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Celebrating and remembering a friend: A Shelter Island artist’s skill creates a healing memorial

This past February, Island textile artist Susan Schrott received a call from the husband of a friend, Audrey, who had passed away on Thanksgiving 2021.

He asked if Ms. Schrott would create a work of art in her memory. He asked if the art could incorporate some pieces of her clothing that, Ms. Schrott said, “reflected her zest for living life to the fullest.”

In order to guide the creative process, Ms. Schrott asked that he share thoughts, feelings and images.

“I was drawn to this photograph of her,” she said, “and a poem she composed, both of which I used as inspiration, coupled with her beautiful laughter which is imprinted in my heart.”

The process of creating “Celebrating Audrey” took four months. Ms. Schrott has shared it with the permission of her friend’s husband, as a reflection of Audrey’s life and joyful vitality.

“Audrey was my friend, neighbor, and the truest expression of light, laughter, creativity, spirituality, and love,” Ms. Schrott said, matching with words the warmth of the work, which she described as “the healing power of art.”

She quoted Audrey: “The entire universe is inside you. It’s best to savor life’s beautiful moments.”