What is that?


The strange drawings on some Island roads, especially on Shore Road and Nostrand Parkway, that look like renderings of harps or lyres, or maybe signals from an extraterrestrial civilization, are actually, according to Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr., “markings that indicate to runners of the 5K and the 10K hazards in the road.”
Kirsten Lewis called to say she recognized them, but thought they were to alert people of road drains, which is close enough for us.

Marijane Card wrote that the strange symbols were the result of “highway crews marking the pot holes to show the Town Board members how bad the roads are — lol. Or it was a nurse putting butterfly stitches on the road to fix it.”

The “What is that?” desk is taking a holiday break and will be back on January 5 with a new mystery photo to ring in the New Year.