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School district to spray Fiske Field for ticks

BEVERLEA WALZ | PHOTO Runners at Fiske Field.
BEVERLEA WALZ  PHOTO Runners at Fiske Field. The district will spray against ticks next week.

The Shelter Island School District will spray an organic compound on Fiske Field, weather permitting, on Wednesday, May 31, in an effort to reduce the number of ticks.

The district, according to Business Official Tim Laube, has received multiple complaints from staff members and the parents of students who have been bitten by ticks or have removed ticks before being bitten.

The district has contracted with East End Tick and Mosquito Control of Southampton, Mr. Laube said, to apply the organic compound, “Tick Guard.”
Tick Guard is an insecticide made from naturally occurring oils, including from rosemary, peppermint, wintergreen and animal and vegetable fats, Mr. Laube said.

All property owners who have property located adjacent to Fiske Field will be notified prior to the application of the compound Tuesday, May 30.

In addition, the district will be calling all parents and guardians of students to inform them of the spraying, Mr. Laube said.

Town Animal Control Officer Beau Payne said deer density is higher in the Center than any other area of the Island and “where deer are, ticks are.”

For more information, Mr. Laube suggests contacting him at (631)749-0302 extension 136, or [email protected]