Richard’s almanac: Island senior support

REPORTER FILE PHOTO The pavilion at Wades Beach is now adorned with benches.

The pavilion at Wades Beach is now adorned with benches.

I don’t know how many of you have seen the new pavilion at Wades Beach. It’s a great structure that gives shade from the hot sun and has a new cement pathway to the restrooms. It was provided by the Lions Club and constructed by Highway Department members.

In order for senior citizens and handicapped persons to take advantage of it, the Senior Citizens Foundation made a grant of $5,000 for teak benches. It all makes for a very useful facility enjoyed by many, as I noticed when I was at Wades Beach with my grandchildren last week.

It was one of those boiling hot days we’ve had so many of recently. Even with the persistent heat, there were cool breezes blowing through the pavilion.

The Senior Citizens Foundation is a private organization supported by donations that give money to improve the Island quality of life for the elderly. In the past the foundation has donated to the Perlman Music Program to improve walkways and lighting. It gave the bulk of the funds to purchase a wheelchair accessible van for the town and recently gave to Camp Quinipet to improve walkways and buy a golf cart for senior campers.

The foundation also makes life-alert type monitors available for those elderly Islanders who cannot afford them. The foundation has a fund drive once a year.

Right now the members are working with the town to explore different ways to get 24-hour medical coverage available here.

The group will host a reception on Sunday, August 26 under the pavilion at the beach from 4 to 6 p.m. President Barbara Silverstone and the Board of Directors (I am one) will welcome members and friends. Hors d’oeuvres and light refreshments will be served.

At this time Barbara will introduce the Foundation’s new president. Long-time school board and town board member Chris Lewis will take over.

Meanwhile one cannot help noticing the plethora of kayaks and other plastic craft at Wades Beach. The new town rules require owners to register them with the police department. I had to do this with my dinghy at Captain Bob’s Landing. I have a mooring there.

When I was a kid I had a kayak that had a wood skeleton covered in dark green canvas. Very subdued and unlike the bright reds, yellows and blues of today. The bright colors do make them easier to spot on the water.

There’s a whole story behind that kayak, which I had and lost in 1955, that I’ll save for another time.