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Who we are
To the Editor:

For all in our Shelter Island community, I hope you and your families are safe and well. This pandemic has challenged us in ways we have never seen before. We have lost loved ones and dear friends. Our normal way of life is no more.

Yet, our community remains steadfast and strong. We remain buoyed by our commitment to and support of each other. With care, optimism and faith, we are in this together. That is who we are.

We care for each other, because care matters.

I’m writing on behalf of East End Hospice. As a health care organization, hospice continues to “Take care of our Island” through its bereavement care, home visits and Camp Good Grief.

The Shelter Island Biennial Hospice Fundraising Event, which had been set for June 13 at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club, is now a non-event. Donations are welcome. More information will be forthcoming. We thank the Gardiner’s Bay board for being so gracious and understanding. Please continue to take care of each other. Our prayers and support go out to those who have lost loved ones. East End Hospice is here for you.

Co-chair, Shelter Island Fundraising Committee

A fan’s notes
To the Editor:
It’s good to hear Robert Lipsyte’s “voice” in the April 2 edition of the Reporter, and his measured but accurate reporting, especially during these difficult times. I’ve been a longtime reader (and fan) of his writing.

My wife and I have been part timers here on The Rock for over 10 years now and hope to make it full time when our lives allow. We completely agree with the importance of “keeping the Island safe.”

While we have always come out weekends all year we chose to come out of the city over two weeks ago full-time and made sure we isolated for that period, even before a two-week isolation was called for.

We thought it was the right thing to do and have only gone out twice for food, with protective gear.

Our only concern is those who, for one reason or another, still go in and out of the city. Seems like that’s a weak spot, but I leave it to our competent Island management to address.

In the meantime we are grateful for our home here and enjoy it even more now that its also become our “retreat”.
By the way, as long time (Brooklyn Dodgers) baseball fans, we have been re-watching Ken Burns series on “Baseball” as a way of dealing with this first week of “The Ghost Season.” We highly commend it to other fans missing this rite of Spring.

Stay safe and well.
Shelter Island