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Shelter Island Police Department blotter, Oct. 25, 2022

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


On Oct. 19, Nicholas A. Brown, New York City, was driving south on South Ferry Road, turning into the driveway of Marika’s, when his vehicle was hit from behind by a vehicle driven by Hayley Alexa Lowell-Liszanckie, Shelter Island. Damages exceeded $1,000 to both vehicles — to the rear of Mr. Brown’s vehicle and the passenger-side front of Ms. Lowell-Liszanckie’s vehicle. Neither vehicle needed to be towed.

Elijah N. Davidson, Shelter Island, was driving east on Oak Tree Lane on Oct. 21 when he lost control of his vehicle, drove off the road and got hung up on a rock retaining wall. According to the draft report, damage exceeded $1,000 to the front bumper and under carriage. The vehicle had to be towed.

Other reports

Police conducted eight radar, distracted driving and traffic stops in Cartwright, the Center and the Heights on Oct. 17, 18 and 22, resulting in three warnings and no tickets.

On Oct. 17, police opened a confidential investigation into an internet fraud scam.

On the 18th, a police dispatch reported a vehicle was leaking fuel enroute to a North Ferry boat bound for Shelter Island. A three-gallon gasoline tank had tipped over and was secured. The deck was cleaned before arrival on the Island.

A Shorewood caller told police that employees were draining his neighbor’s pool into the bay. Also on the 18th, a stolen kayak was reported in the Heights, and a disabled school bus was observed on the shoulder of a road in the Heights. The Sunrise bus company told police it would be removed in the morning; in the meantime, cones were set out to warn motorists.

On Oct. 19, an Amazon truck driver backed into a loading dock in the Heights, damaging a piece of wood on the building. The caller, who reported the incident, said that a section of the wood had been damaged previously, but this accident had damaged a new section — at an estimated damage of $50. The truck driver stated he should not be responsible for a piece of wood that already had showed damage.

A Silver Beach caller told police on the 19th that water was gushing from a neighbor’s property and was accumulating on her own property. An officer did not observe any water, but spoke to an employee of the pool company who said the pool would be checked for any leaking.

Southampton Town Police alerted Island police about a missing kayaker in the North Haven/South Ferry area on Oct. 20. A bay constable canvassed the Shelter Island shoreline from Dickerson Creek to Nichols Point several times with negative results. The U.S. Coast Guard took over command of the search.

An audible alarm in the Heights was reported on Oct. 20; it was caused by a low battery.

On the 21st, a landlord/tenant dispute was reported; both parties were advised to contact police if the situation escalated to criminal behavior.

A boat owner reported on Oct. 21 that he had hit an unknown object, submerged in the water of Coecles Harbor, causing damage to an outboard motor. A bay constable will investigate.

A caller told police on Oct. 22 that she had seen, on a Ring camera, an unknown man pulling into her Menantic driveway, walking around the residence, returning to his truck and leaving. The area was canvassed with negative results.

Also on that date, a complainant said he was parked on a North Ferry boat when another vehicle’s driver rear-ended him. An officer saw no damage to either vehicle; no further action was taken.

On Oct. 23, a group of about 10 people gathered at South Ferry to request help in searching for a missing kayaker. The group was assisted by Mashomack staff; a drone search was requested.

A partially sunken boat was reported in the Center on that date.

In other incidents: police had court duty; responded to two lost and found reports; provided two lift assists; jump started a vehicle; unlocked a vehicle with the keys inside; and presented a scam prevention program at a Senior services lunch.


A glass break alarm in the Center on Oct. 21 was checked by an officer who walked around the outside of the residence and found no broken windows. The owner will have the alarm checked.

An officer responded to an alarm activated at a residential garage in the Center on Oct. 23. The residence was secure and the caretaker contacted to reset the alarm.

A smoke alarm in Menantic was a false alarm, caused when the owner replaced the batteries; the Shelter Island Fire Department was on the scene and confirmed the false alarm.


Two dog incidents were reported. A dog at large at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club was recognized by the animal control officer (ACO) who took him home from the party. The other was a barking dog in the Center; the ACO contacted the owner who took the dog inside.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Oct. 19 and 21. One person refused medical attention and transportation to ELIH on Oct. 19; another refused further medical treatment on Oct. 22.