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Eye on the Ball: Jake Card finishes in tournament’s top 10

Apologies for missing a couple of weeks of keeping you up to date on the progress of Shelter Island’s very own touring golf professional, Jay “Jake” Card III.

But Jake hasn’t missed a day without doing things to improve himself. This week he attended the popular Titleist Performance Center, where experts help you improve your overall game.

It must have worked, because this week Jay played the par 71, Albacoa Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla. in the MLGT (Minor League Golf Tour) Championship for two rounds and shot a 6 under par to finish in 6th position.

Jake picked up a check that I know he’ll use to stay out on the tour a little longer.

Being a touring pro is not just about fun; it’s a job. Nobody pays you for showing up. You have to show up and perform against the best in the world every day. In the beginning, it looks like fun, but after a year of waking up and knowing you will be doing the same thing again, professionals have to remind themselves to have fun while watching their bankroll dwindle.

Jake amazes me that he can do this day after day and keep improving. I’m not sure where his schedule will be taking him this week, but I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

Remember, he’s trying something that no Shelter Island golfer has ever tried, so lets enjoy the journey with him.

Keep it fun, Jay.