11/19/19 4:30pm

BOB HARRIS PHOTO Sunset at Silver Beach looking toward Southold.

Every time I tell someone I live on Shelter Island year-round, they always ask the same question— “What do you do out there in the winter?” I thought a lot about that statement this past Saturday afternoon.

It was a cold, late November day, and although I had a date that evening, I really had nothing exotic planned for the afternoon. (more…)

08/27/19 4:30pm

Courtesy Image

How many times have you retired folks been asked: “How do you like the retirement life?”

During my life, I thought someday it would be great to wake up every morning and have the option to do anything I wanted for that day. Now, I realize, as nice as that sounds, we human beings are not wired that way. (more…)

06/21/19 8:00am

JASON GREEN PHOTO Tom Cronin, left, and Toby Green, bound for Florida, and the record book

Continuing our adventures with Shelter Island’s thrill-seeking buddies, Toby Green and Tom Cronin — two middle-aged family men who still have much exploration left in their lives — here’s the news. (more…)

04/30/19 4:30pm

Gardiner’s Bay Country Club Pro Leigh Notley, Sid (Ironman) Beckwith and Bob DeStefano.

My Shelter Island story started in 1962, my first year as a head golf professional and the start of a lifetime dream. (more…)