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Town assessor hired in October is gone

William McCoy, the professional assessor hired by the Town Board as of Oct.1, 2022 is no longer a Town employee.

Mr. McCoy is assessor for Southampton Village, a position he held concurrently with the Shelter Island job after Town Board members concluded having a professional assessor in that office — rather than just elected assessors — would be a wise move.

But he is no longer serving on Shelter Island. There was no announcement of his leaving. And no answers from Town officials about his absence are forthcoming.

Mr. McCoy hasn’t responded to a request for information about leaving the Shelter Island job.

Officials are unable to legally discuss the reason since their only obligation is to list the time of employment, but not details of that employment.

Supervisor Gerry Siller said Monday there is an ongoing search to find another hired professional assessor to work with elected assessors Patricia Castoldi and Judith Lechmanski.

Mr. McCoy’s departure was not made public until an inquiry was made to Mr. Siller. Town Attorney Stephen Kiely responded to the question put to Mr. Siller by stating the obvious — that the assessor is no longer on the staff.

A look back at the budget adopted in November for the current year, shows Mr. McCoy left the Shelter Island position soon after starting his tenure because the budget names the two elected assessors, but Mr. McCoy’s name doesn’t appear.

He continues to work as assessor for Southampton Village and also is board president for the John Jermain Memorial Library in Sag Harbor.

A native of the East End who attended local schools, Mr. McCoy received a Bachelor of Science degree from Wagner College and an MBA from Duke University. He has previously worked with Aetna and Exxon.