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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: March 29, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Claudio D. Narvaez Ojeda, Southampton, was driving on North Ferry Road on March 24 when he was stopped by police and given two tickets — one for inadequate or no brake lights and a second for unlicensed operation.

Police conducted eight distracted driving, radar enforcement and traffic stops in the Center, West Neck, Cartwright and the Heights on March 20-21 and March 24-26, resulting in two warnings and two tickets.


There was a minor accident in the ferry line at North Ferry on March 22. A vehicle driven by Erin R. Mulrain, Mattituck, rolled into a parked vehicle belonging to Jani Geovanni Osorio Villagran, also of Mattituck. There was minor damage (under $1,000) to Mr. Osorio Villagran’s rear bumper cover, none to Ms. Mulrain’s vehicle.


Officers transported a prisoner to Justice Court for arraignment on March 20. On the 21st, police investigated a financial crime complaint from a Hay Beach caller.

Police opened a confidential investigation into drugs on March 22. A case of identity theft was investigated on that date as well.

On the 22nd, an anonymous caller reported someone possibly burning leaves in the Center. An officer found a person burning a small pile of leaves inside a campfire. He was advised that he was not allowed to burn leaves without a burn permit. The fire was extinguished without incident and a warning issued.

A caller told police on March 23 that two trees had been cut down on his neighbor’s vacant lot in Silver Beach. Southold Police Dispatch requested help in finding a home address for a well-being check. Everything was O.K. and there was no emergency.

A statement of corrections form was signed off by an officer at the request of a person whose brake light had been repaired.

A caller complained on March 26 that a jet ski was being operated recklessly in Congdon Creek, near the town dock. An officer located the jet skier who admitted he was riding the jet ski. Although the officer was not a witness, the skier was advised that the operation of a jet ski in Coecles Harbor can only be from the dock to the mouth of the harbor — no joy riding is permitted in the area.

In other incidents: police conducted four school crossings; unlocked two vehicles with the keys inside; taught DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) classes to 5th and 6th graders; fingerprinted a person for a Florida carry permit application; directed traffic for a yard sale; attended active shooter training in Westhampton; had “Lunch with an Officer” (a school program); and monitored traffic at Montauk’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.


The Shelter Island Fire Department and police responded to two fire alarms on March 22 and 25, both in West Neck. The first was activated when a water leak in the basement dripped down on the furnace, causing steam. The second, a smoke alarm, was thought to have been caused by someone smoking an e-cigarette in the bathroom.

A residential motion alarm in the Center on March 22 was investigated by police; the premises were secure.


A dog at large was reported in Long View. The animal control officer (ACO) explained that as long as the owner had control of the dog and it didn’t bother anyone, there was no violation of the law. No complaints had been received regarding the dog in question but the caller wanted it documented that she “was fearful of the dog.”

The ACO searched the area unsuccessfully for a loose dog in Cartwright. Another caller said her dog had gotten away from her in Silver Beach. The ACO helped with the search until the dog returned on her own.

A caller reported that a dog at large had attacked his dog in the Center, biting it in the neck, but not causing any injury. The ACO assisted the owner with a canvass of the area with negative results.

A sick raccoon was reported in the Center; the ACO took it to a vet for euthanasia.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported two people on March 25 to Eastern Long Island Hospital.