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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Aug. 1, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Michael D. Eisner, Los Angeles, Calif, was driving on West Neck Road on July 24 when he was ticketed for failure to stop at a stop sign. 

On July 25, Jorge Ramirez Perez, New York City, was given two summonses for a non-transparent front windshield and a side-wing window, also non-transparent. And on the 25th, Levi D. Opsatnic, Portland, Maine, was ticketed for driving an un-registered vehicle.

Jonathan J. Alves Cortes, Ocala, Fla., received a summons for speeding on New York Avenue on July 26 — 40 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone. That day, Chiqui O. Matthew, Scarsdale, was also ticketed for speeding, 43 mph in New York Avenue’s 25 mph-zone.

Police conducted 23 radar enforcement, distracted driving and traffic stops during July 23-29 in the Center, Heights, Menantic, Cartwright and West Neck, resulting in 15 warnings and six tickets.

Traffic control officers issued 38 parking tickets.


On July 24, Susan Ciaccio, Shelter Island, said she was attempting to park on Grand Avenue behind a parked vehicle belonging to Kristen Briner, Dallas, Tex. She pulled the emergency brake lever before leaving to go into the post office. A witness saw her vehicle roll forward and hit the rear end of Ms. Briner’s vehicle. Apparently the brake was only pulled up partially and not fully engaged. Damage to the left rear of Ms. Briner’s vehicle and the right front of Ms. Ciaccio’s vehicle exceeded $1,000.

Nancy E. Heller, Port Washington, was trying to back up on Seagull Road on July 30 when she hit a parked vehicle belonging to Paul O. Winer, Shelter Island. The draft report indicated over $1,000 in damage to the front of Mr. Winer’s vehicle and was estimated at less than $1,000 to the rear of Ms. Heller’s vehicle.

Other reports

The animal control officer (ACO) patrolled Wades and Crescent beaches on July 24 through 30 and issued two warnings to dog owners.

A caller complained on July 24 about a damaged fence in the Center. An officer also saw deer hair stuck in the fence and advised the person that a deer most likely ran into the fence, causing the damage. A caller in Menantic reported an erratic driver who almost missed hitting a telephone pole and then a tree; an officer canvassed the area with negative results.

Issues with a tenant were reported to police on the 25th. A case of criminal mischief, a broken window, in Silver Beach, was called in on July 26. A driver left South Ferry without paying the fare; the area was canvassed with no results.

Also on the 26th, a caller said a group of girls was running in and out of a West Neck roadway; police did not locate any disturbance in the area.

A caller told police on July 27 that a person was sleeping in his Center garage; the person was advised he was no longer welcome on the property.

Officers on patrol noticed a capsized sailboat in West Neck Harbor with two people in the water; the people were retrieved, the boat righted and all were conveyed back to a nearby town landing.

Amplified music was reported at a neighbor’s residence in the Center on July 28; the music had been turned off when police arrived.

On the 29th, a marine unit told an officer that two paddle boaters were seen in West Neck Harbor wearing no personal flotation devices and having none on board; they were both advised about the town code.

A caller reported an SUV being driven erratically on Ram Island Road; the area was searched but the vehicle had left the area. Also on the 29th, a truck stuck in sand in the water of a West Neck town landing was removed by a towing company. Two tractor trailer trucks parked on a blind curve in Hay Beach created a hazard and the driver was told by officers to move them to a safe location.

On the 29th, police issued warnings on Ram Island to a boat owner for mooring without permission and for failure to display registration numbers and validation stickers. A disabled boat off Reel Point was escorted back to its home dock, and police stood by another disabled boat in Silver Beach, in rough seas, until Sea Tow arrived.

A case of criminal mischief — damage to a parked car — was reported in Silver Beach on the 29th, and police investigated a caller’s statement that someone had stolen his backhoe and crashed it near South Menantic Road. It was determined that the Highway Department had removed a tree from the roadway.

On the 30th, a boat ran aground in the area off Taylor’s Island when its anchor gave way. Marine and police units responded but were unable to assist in moving the vehicle due to high winds and rough seas.

While on patrol on July 30, an officer noticed a person fishing off a North Ferry boat; he was advised that was not permitted and he left without incident. 

Excessive noise was reported anonymously at SALT Restaurant; an officer observed people at the Shipwreck Bar talking, but found no amplified music.

During the week, marine units informed the captains of 18 boats in Coecles Harbor, West Neck and Silver Beach that they needed to move to approved anchorages.

In other incidents: police appeared in court; answered five lost and found reports; unlocked three vehicles with the keys inside; fingerprinted two people for visa applications; attended two training sessions; directed traffic at North Ferry; followed up on two false 911 calls; responded to 10 downed tree limbs and wire reports; and lectured on water safety at the Heights Beach Club.


The Shelter Island Fire Department and police answered four calls on July 25 and 28 in the Center (three alarms) and Hay Beach. Two were declared false alarms, one was the result of burning incense and one was caused by burnt toast.

An open door set off a commercial alarm in the Center on July 25 but there was no sign of any criminal activity. A person watering plants was not advised of the pool house password in another alarm on the 25th in Silver Beach, and a malfunction activated an alarm on the 27th in the Heights.


The ACO assisted in the search for two missing dogs in the Center, but both returned home on their own. A Center caller said three dogs came out of the woods and attacked chickens; the dogs were gone when the ACO arrived. A loose beagle was seen at a Center intersection; the owner arrived just when the ACO did.

A turkey in the Center with bird pox was taken to a vet for euthanasia. An injured turkey, also in the Center, was captured by the ACO and taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Two semi-feral cats were assisted in their relocation at the request of the Islip Animal Control.

A baby squirrel fell from its nest in the Center and was taken by the ACO to a wild-life rehabilitator.

A sparrow fell out of its nest in West Neck and the hatchling was also taken to a wildlife rehabilitator. A four-week-old screech owl in the Heights was found on the ground by a caller. The ACO tried to put him back on a nearby tree but he kept falling out. She took him to wildlife rehab.

A rabbit hit by a car in Silver beach was collected by the ACO and taken to rehab.

The ACO freed a bat reported in a Silver Beach home.

Aided Cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported four people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on July 24, 25, 27 and 29; one case was taken to Southampton Hospital on July 26.  An aided case refused additional medical attention on July 24.