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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Aug. 15, 2023

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Police issued six tickets on Aug. 12: Eric J. Koszalka, Shelter Island, for speeding on New York Avenue, 36 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone; Ignacio M. Ricardo, Shelter Island, for inadequate or no brake lights and for unlicensed operation; John D. Amicucci, Pleasantville, Giancarlo Gonzalez, Flushing, and Jaylen Cruz, Bayside, for speeding on New York Avenue — 46 mph, 43 mph and 56 mph respectively, in the 25-mph zone.

Peter P. Gulluscio, Shelter Island, was ticketed on Smith Street for driving too slowly, failing to keep to the right and for having inadequate or no brake lights.

Police conducted 32 radar enforcement, distracted driving and traffic stops in the Center, West Neck, the Heights, Menantic and Cartwright on Aug. 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13, resulting in 29 warnings and nine tickets. Four underage E-bike/scooter riders were advised about New York State regulations.

Traffic control officers issued 51 parking tickets.

On Aug. 12 and 13, bay constables issued five tickets to boaters in Dering Harbor and the North Channel. Ramirez Mario Alesandro Zapata, New York City, Jason D. Beckman, New York City, and Dennis C. Clemente, New York City, were all cited for children under the age of 12 not wearing personal flotation devices on board. Scott L. Murphy, Shelter Island, was ticketed for securing his boat for more than two consecutive hours at the Dering Harbor town dock.

Andrew E. Roth, White Plains, was given a town summons for not having a throwable flotation device on board.

Eight boat owners and jet skiers were issued warnings for not posting registration and validation stickers and for the reckless operation of an overloaded boat.

Twelve boat owners were advised to move to approved anchorages in Coecles Harbor and West Neck.


Andrew J. Corrie, New York City, was driving east on West Neck Road on Aug. 10 when a deer ran onto the roadway and hit his vehicle, causing more than $1,000 in damage to the front of the vehicle.

Two minor accidents were reported on Aug. 8 and 9. Valeria Ines Monfrini, Silver Spring, Md., told police she was traveling east on Deer Park Lane when a parked Suffolk Cement truck obstructed her view. She said that a company employee, Joseph A. Bocci, E. Norwich, was assisting her in driving around the truck but there was a miscommunication and she sideswiped the truck, damaging the right front of her vehicle. Mr. Bocci said the truck was parked off to the side of the roadway and he noticed no damage to the truck.

Marian R. Teodoru, Shelter Island, said she was traveling north on North Ferry Road when a deer ran onto the roadway, hitting her vehicle. There was no reported damage but the deer was killed in the accident.


The animal control officer (ACO) conducted patrols of Wades and Crescent beaches on Aug. 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13; two dog owners were given warnings.

On Aug. 8, a caller told police that unknown males were on or near her property and she wanted them removed. She was advised that her property was outside Shelter Island Police Department jurisdiction and that she needed to contact the Southold Police Department.

An affidavit of trespass was completed on the 8th by a Ram Island resident after prior conflicts with the trespasser. An officer assisted a Cornell employee with seeding approximately 9,000 oysters in West Neck Harbor and West Neck Creek.

Also on the 8th, an officer on patrol investigated a person acting suspiciously in the Center.

A caller reported on Aug. 9 that an unknown person had entered his shed in Menantic. Police were told that a driver pulled out of the Heights Post Office and cut off several vehicles. An officer contacted the driver the next day who said he was unaware of the incident. He was issued a warning.

Also on the 9th, the Shelter Island Fire Department extinguished a fire set off in the grease trap of a gas grill in the Center. Officers responded to a smell of an electrical/mechanical fire and located a large generator at the Dory that was smoking and starting to flame. The Fire Department responded and said the scene was safe but the fire had been caused by a belt slipping and the alternator overheating.

An anonymous caller reported that three young people were riding E-bikes in Westmoreland and shooting BB guns at deer; the area was canvassed with negative results.

On Aug.10, police opened up a confidential investigation. Loud music was reported anonymously at a residence in Hay Beach. An officer confirmed the report and the music was turned off. A West Neck caller asked police to stand by when a person she had asked to leave became verbally aggressive on the phone. Police remained in the area; no further problems were reported.

An extra patrol was requested on Aug. 11 for speeding vehicles on New York Avenue. A caller was advised that her problem was a civil matter and should be referred to a Riverhead court. A complaint was received that signs at the Shelter Island brewery were obstructing the view from Jaspa Road to Route 114.

On the same day, loud music was reported in Hay Beach; officers canvassed the area with negative results.

Southold police reported that on the 12th, about 20 people on board the Peconic Star IV were creating a disturbance and threatening the crew. SIPD officers met the ship off Hay Beach Point and escorted it back to Greenport with no incident.

Loud music was heard at a house in Hay Beach. The caller had notified the owner but had not spoken to the renters. An officer found the music was being played at a low volume but told the complainant that if the music continued at an unreasonable level, he should contact the police to conduct an investigation of whether the level exceeded 50 decibels. The renter said he has been playing music outside at a very low setting.

An audible alarm was heard in the Center on Aug. 13. An officer located the sound — an ignition causing a humming noise — and turned it off. A caller reported spray paint on the side of a vehicle parked in a Heights garage. It appeared to police that a can of spray paint had fallen from a shelf, broken open and paint had landed on the vehicle and garage floor.

In other incidents: two people received lift assists; police responded to nine lost and found reports; three vehicles were unlocked with the keys inside; traffic control was conducted three times at the North Ferry; there were three wellbeing checks; administrative reports were filed and six fallen tree limbs/wires, creating road hazards were taken care of.


Police and the Shelter Island Fire Department responded to two fire alarms on Aug. 8 in West Neck and the Center. There were negative problems in both cases.


A cat wandered into a Silver Beach home and the ACO recognized it as being a local visitor to many houses. The cat left after eating a can of tuna. An indoor cat got out of her Center house and the ACO assisted in getting her back inside.

A box turtle was hit by a mower in Menantic and was taken by the ACO to a vet for care. A rabbit hit by another mower in Menantic was transported to a wildlife rehabilitator.

The ACO tried to capture a turkey suspected of bird pox and was unable to do so. The ACO saw another turkey in the Center with the pox but it appeared to be clearing up the disease on its own.

An osprey “in distress” in the Center flew away when the ACO arrived. A loon reported with a broken wing in West Neck dove into the water as the ACO approached.

A baby squirrel fell out of its nest in Shorewood; the ACO kept the baby warm and took it to a wildlife rehabilitator.

A caller reported two aggressive dogs at large in Westmoreland had attacked another dog, on leash with its owners. The ACO and police headquarters were not contacted about the incident with the owners’ dog.

A dog at large was recognized by the ACO and the owner notified. A dog got out of its Tarkettle residence; the ACO helped bring the dog back to the fenced-in area.

A dog reported missing in the Center was later found by its owner at the Islander. Another missing dog in the Center was found and the owner notified. A caller told the ACO a dog in Hay Beach had been barking for over an hour; the ACO responded and monitored the situation for 30 minutes and heard no barking.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported seven people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Aug. 7, 8, 9 and 13. Three people were taken to Southampton Hospital on Aug. 6, 9 and 11. One case refused further medical attention.