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Shelter Island Highway Department superintendent: ‘So far, so good,’ on effects of overnight storm

An early morning report from Highway Department Superintendent Ken Lewis said Shelter Island was still experiencing high winds and heavy rain at six a.m. Saturday, but so far, there had been no reports of major road blockages or trees or power lines down.

PSEG was also reporting at 6 a.m. that there were no power outages on the Island.

For the past few days, Highway Department crews had been clearing out road drains around the Island, Mr. Lewis said, which has helped control flooding.

“So far, so good,” Mr. Lewis told the Reporter, adding that main roads looked good. He was on his way to West Neck Road to check on the situation there. Heavy flooding had caused road closures during the heavy storm earlier this week.

Mr. Lewis said weather reports indicated that the rain would slack off around 8 a.m. “and the wind is not so bad.” 

High tide is expected at 11:40 a.m. Saturday, which could bring with it road closures.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has a Coastal Flood Warning in effect for today. A Coastal Flood Warning is issued “when a hazardous weather event is occurring, imminent or likely. A warning means weather conditions pose a threat to life or property. People in the path of the storm need to take protective action.”

The NWS is calling for the temperatures to fall throughout the day to 43 degrees by this afternoon. It will remain windy, with a south wind at 20 to 28 mph, turning to the  west in the afternoon, and gusting as high as 44 mph.

Tonight, the NWS forecasts mostly clear skies, with a low temperature just at the freezing mark, bringing wind chill values between 20 and 25 degrees.

The winds will stay out of the west at 17 to 22 mph, and gusting as high as 32 mph.