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Shelter Island considers hiring wireless consultant: Town Board seeks public input

Susan Rebond, a consultant from CityScape Consultants in Orlando, Fla., asked the Shelter Island Town Board to join with other East End towns in a program to examine gaps in municipal wireless communications and to provide solutions.

Ms. Rebond told the Board at its May 14 work session the cost for its service would be $50,000 if the town signed a contract on its own.

But the cost would drop to $35,000 each if two area municipalities sign on together. It would be lowered to $28,700 each if four signed up for the service, and $23,400 each if five agreed to the service.

The municipality would have its existing wireless service mapped to show where it’s ineffective and develop a plan aimed at filling those gaps. The process of mapping would consider several factors, including vegetation and heights that could be affecting wireless communications.

Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams said she would have to determine if there is money available in the budget that was voted on last fall for the current fiscal year.

She also asked residents to weigh in on the proposal.