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Shelter Island Justice Court: May 24, 2024

The following cases were adjudicated at Shelter Island Justice Court on March 25, 2024 as reported by the court. Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt was on the bench.

Except where indicated, the following defendants pleaded guilty to the charges as noted and were also assessed a $93 state surcharge.

Marilyn Acevedo, Riverhead, equipment violation, fined $50 plus $63.

Braulio Andres, East Hampton, equipment violation, $50 plus $63.

Kyle T. Craig, Miller Place, no inspection certificate, $50.

Hally E. Dinkel, Shelter Island, turn signal violation, $50 plus $93.

Jeffrey A. Fowler, Winchester, Va., cellphone use, $50 plus $93.

William Guzman Cabrera, Shelter Island, equipment violation, $50 plus $63.

Alejo N. Lopez Alonzo, Shelter Island, equipment violation, $50 plus $63.

Marilyn Thalia, Riverhead, turn signal violation, equipment violation, $50 plus $93.

Deemed a scofflaw for failure to appear on traffic charges was Fredy Roland Sisalima Suarez. Thirteen cases were adjourned to later dates in the court calendar, 10 at the request of defendants or their attorneys and three at the request of the court.