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House fire in Shelter Island’s Shorewood neighborhood: No injuries, fire quickly controlled

At about 4:40 p.m. on Friday, Natalie Sticesen was in her kitchen on Osprey Lane in Shorewood when her smoke alarm went off.

Her house was safe, but almost immediately after the alarm sounded, Ms. Sticesen’s fiancé Tom Zieba, doing some yard work, called to her that a neighbor’s house was on fire and to call 911.

“Within a few minutes police officers were here, running toward the black smoke,”  Ms. Sticesen said.

The officers were soon followed by Shelter Island Fire Department volunteers

Preliminary Police Department reports are that the fire started in a shed near a pool, leaped to the house and was “actively burning” some siding on the house when firefighters arrived.

Speculation is that it started as an electrical fire.

The blaze on Osprey Lane on June 7 was quickly extinguished by the Shelter Island Fire Department. (Credit: Natalie Sticesen)

Fire Department Assistant Chief Stan Beckwith said Monday that “the fire was knocked down pretty quickly.”

There were no injuries, but significant damage to the shed and the side of the house.