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An anniversary for a Shelter Island tradition

The summer vibe that has been gently sweeping through the Island in recent weeks has been stepped up of late, with the reappearance of a favorite Island tradition, Wednesday barbecues on the Pridwin lawn.

On June 12, the hotel celebrated its 60th summer hosting the outdoor gatherings, with music by the popular local band, the Loan Sharks.

Glenn Petry, whose family has long owned The Pridwin and who now partners with Cape Resorts, spoke of celebrating the tradition this month: “Nothing makes us happier than seeing families at the Pridwin cookouts … there’s nothing like being outdoors on the water at sunset. Parents and grandparents can sit back and relax while the children literally have the run of the place.” 

That was quite true on a recent Wednesday, as children climbed trees and parents sipped cocktails and enjoyed an all-you-can-eat feast while a parade of racing sailboats glided along the horizon as the sun went down.

Curtis Bashaw, of Cape Resorts, said all their properties “have a deep sense of history and tradition and when we first started working on The Pridwin, this was one of the first things we knew we wanted to keep going.”

The Pridwin has embraced another Island summer tradition, the Shelter Island Fireworks, and will host a cookout on the lawn on Saturday, July 13 for patrons seeking a ringside seat for the annual extravaganza.